NCDOT Ready for Hurricane Arthur

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Thursday, July 03, 2014

NCDOT Ready for Hurricane Arthur

RALEIGH–The N.C. Department of Transportation continues to monitor conditions and has equipment and crews in place along the North Carolina coast ready to respond to Hurricane Arthur.

“Safety is always our top priority, and we urge everyone to stay off the roads both during and after the storm so that we can work as quickly as possible to clear them,” Secretary Tata said. “We will continue to monitor conditions, and our crews are prepared to work around the clock to respond as necessary.”

Along the Outer Banks, about two dozen motor graders, excavators, bulldozers and front-end loaders are in place in Buxton, Ocracoke, Pea Island and Kitty Hawk in Dare and Hyde counties, and crews are on standby ready to begin cleanup efforts. More equipment and manpower is available if needed from other areas of the state.

With Hatteras and Ocracoke islands both under evacuation orders, NCDOT has also worked to ensure that evacuation routes such as U.S. 64 and U.S. 158 are clear of construction and delays. The Herbert C. Bonner Bridge remains open only to traffic evacuating off the island. The bridge will have its pilings inspected by sonar, and by divers if necessary, once the storm passes to ensure it remains safe for travel.

The NCDOT Ferry Division has been providing round-the-clock service between Ocracoke and Hatteras, but will be suspending that route at 5 p.m. today, when conditions are expected to worsen. The Ocracoke-Cedar Island and Ocracoke-Swan Quarter ferry routes will be shut down at 4 p.m. Crews have inspected the emergency ferry docks to ensure those sites are ready if damage is severe enough to activate the emergency routes. The Ferry Division expects service interruptions to continue at least into Friday morning, and possibly later Friday afternoon, especially on the most northern routes.

NCDOT will provide real-time information about weather and travel conditions through its Twitter feeds. As the storm approaches, the department will send out tweets about road closures, flooding, ferry route updates and evacuation routes.

Additional information about the storm is available on the department’s other social media and web-based tools, which are easily accessible on the NCDOT website.



Ocracoke-Hatteras Ferry Route to Shut Down for the Storm

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Thursday, July 03, 2014

NC Ferry System To Shut Down Ocracoke-Hatteras Route At 5 p.m.

Pamlico Sound Routes To Suspend Operations After 4 p.m. Departures

(MANNS HARBOR) – Based on current forecasts for the arrival of Hurricane Arthur, the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Ferry Division will suspend operations on its Ocracoke-Hatteras ferry operation at 5 p.m. Thursday, July 3 to enable crews to secure boats and shelter in safe locations before the storm arrives.

“We urge everyone who is evacuating Ocracoke Island to get to the ferry terminal as soon as possible,” said NC Ferry Division Director Ed Goodwin. ” Safety is always our first priority, and by suspending operations after our 5 p.m. departure, we will get evacuees to Hatteras in time to drive off the island before the worst of the storm hits, while also allowing our ferry crews to keep themselves and our boats safe.”

In addition, the Ferry Division’s routes between Ocracoke-Swan Quarter and Ocracoke-Cedar Island will suspend operations after their 4 p.m. departures. All routes will resume operations as soon as it is safe to do so.



Evacuation Update from Dare County

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Joint Information Center
Phone: 252-475-5655 Web: www.darecountyem.com Twitter: @DareCoEM

July 3, 2014 10:00 a.m.

Mandatory Evacuation is Underway for Hatteras Island

Dare County Emergency Management urges all Hatteras Island residents and visitors to take the threat of Hurricane Arthur seriously and evacuate because of the threat of high winds, ocean overwash, and soundside flooding.

The National Weather Service predicts sustained winds of 80 to 85 mph with gusts as high as 105 mph. There is the potential for significant soundside flooding, particularly in Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras Village, and areas adjacent to the Pamlico Sound. The Weather Service predicts significant ocean overwash posing a serious threat to oceanfront areas especially in the Villages of Avon, Buxton, Frisco, and Hatteras.

The mandatory Hatteras Island evacuation includes the Villages of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco, and Hatteras. A State of Emergency has been issued for all of Dare County with the only restriction being the mandatory evacuation of Hatteras Island. During this time access to Hatteras Island is not allowed.

Those evacuating to areas north of Dare County are encouraged to travel westbound on Highway 64 to Interstate 95. Evacuating through the rural areas to the west of Dare County will help avoid traffic backups and congestion that may prolong evacuation by traveling northbound on Route 158/168 through the Hampton Roads portion of Virginia.

Conditions are expected to worsen as the storm approaches making it important that Hatteras Island residents and visitors evacuate as expediently as possible today during daylight hours. Visitors should evacuate with all personal belongings and follow instructions offered by their property management company.

Those who do not heed the evacuation order should be prepared to sustain themselves for at least 72 hours. Be aware that emergency personnel may be unable to respond to calls for help during high winds. During and after the storm there is the risk of impassable roads due to soundside flooding and ocean overwash. And, access to essential goods and services may be disrupted. There are no Red Cross approved shelters in Dare County.

The mandatory evacuation of Hatteras Island does not include the areas of Dare County north of Oregon Inlet, which encompasses the towns of Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, and Manteo, as well as Colington, Martin’s Point, Wanchese, East Lake, and Stumpy Point.


The Dare County Water Department advises that water service North of the Mac Midgett Water Plant in Rodanthe may experience temporary outages this evening during peak wind periods likely after midnight due to potential ocean overwash in the northern Rodanthe area.


All scheduled trash collection for Friday, July 4th has been cancelled. These areas will be picked up on Saturday, July 5th, weather permitting: Kitty Hawk (beach road), Southern Shores, Manteo, Wanchese, East Lake, Manns Harbor, and Stumpy Point. Rodanthe, Salvo, Waves and Avon will be collected as well on Saturday July 5th pending road conditions. The Buxton Transfer Station will be closing immediately and closed on Friday July 4th as well.


The July 4th fireworks celebrations scheduled for Avon, Kill Devil Hills, Manteo, and Nags Head have all been rescheduled.


The Dare County Department of Health & Human Services is issuing public health advisories prior to Hurricane Arthur. In order to protect your health, it is important that you follow these public health guidelines:

If Flooding Occurs:

  • Avoid contact with flood water which may contain fecal material from overflowing sewage systems and other hidden hazards such as debris.
  • Do not walk in or play in flooded areas especially in bare feet or flimsy footwear. You may be at risk for possible infection or injury from flood waters. If you do come into contact with flood water, wash exposed skin thoroughly with soap and safe water.
  • Do not allow children to play in flood water areas, wash children’s hands frequently, and do not allow children to play with flood-water contaminated toys that have not been disinfected.

If Food Becomes Exposed to Flood Waters:

  • Do not eat any food that may have come into contact with flood water.
  • Discard any food that is not in a waterproof container if there is any chance that it has come into contact with flood water.

If Power Loss Occurs:

  • Refrigerators will keep foods appropriately cold for about 4 hours without power if it is unopened.
  • Do not open freezers until you plan to use or discard the contents; as stated above, most freezers will keep food safe for 24 to 48 hours if left closed.
  • Discard any food that has an unusual odor, color or texture.

If you rely on a Private Well:

  • Boil water for at least five minutes at a full rolling boil before using it for drinking, cooking, making ice or brushing teeth
  • Infants under six months and pregnant women should not drink boiled water, because boiling water may concentrate harmful nitrates.
  • Continue to use bottled water or to boil your well-water until tests on samples taken since the last flooding or loss of electricity show the water is safe.

If you have a Septic System:

  • Assess your system after the storm
  • If property is flooded, do not use
  • Use water conservation practices until power is fully restored

If your home is Flooded:

  • Assure it is safe to enter
  • Remove mold and mildew & dry out the walls
  • Check heating and Air conditioning
  • Assure the building is dry before repairing

For more detailed information, please visit http://www.darenc.com/health/newspubs.asp or contact the Dare County Department of Health & Human Services’ Public Health Division at 252.475.5003 or 252.475.5080.


Hatteras Island Evacuation Issued for Thursday Morning

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Joint Information Center
Phone: 252-475-5655 Web: www.darecountyem.com Twitter: @DareCoEM

Bulletin #1 – Tropical Storm Arthur
July 2, 2014 6:00 pm

Mandatory Evacuation Ordered for Hatteras Island

The Dare County Control Group has issued a mandatory evacuation order for residents and visitors on Hatteras Island beginning at 5:00 a.m., Thursday, July 3, 2014. After 5:00 a.m. Thursday, no access will be allowed to Hatteras Island.

All Hatteras Island residents and visitors are advised to evacuate as expediently as possible during daylight hours on Thursday before the effects of Tropical Storm Arthur begin to bring high winds, rough seas, dangerous rip currents, and the potential for water and sand overwash on NC Highway 12.

A State of Emergency has been issued for all of Dare County with the only restriction being the mandatory evacuation of Hatteras Island.

Visitors should evacuate with all personal belongings and follow instructions offered by their property management company.

Those evacuating to areas north of Dare County are encouraged to travel westbound on Highway 64 to Interstate 95. Evacuating through the rural areas to the west of Dare County will help avoid traffic backups and congestion that may prolong evacuation by traveling northbound through the Hampton Roads portion of Virginia.

The National Weather Service has issued a Hurricane Warning for all of Dare County which means the area should anticipate near hurricane conditions.

The Dare County Control Group serves as the decision making body for Emergency Management and consists of representatives of Dare County, the Sheriff’s Office, the National Park Service, and the towns of Duck, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Manteo, Nags Head, and Southern Shores.

Bulletins from the Joint Information Section will be issued as conditions warrant and the next scheduled update will be Thursday, July 3 by 10:00 a.m.

To receive email alerts directly from Dare County Emergency Management, visit www.darecountyem.com, and follow @DareCoEM on Twitter. The Dare County Emergency Operations Center will be operating throughout the storm and may be reached at 252-475-5655 or visit www.darenc.com for updated information.


Hatteras-Ocracoke Ferry – Adjusted Schedule for Evacuation

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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hatteras Inlet Ferry Adjusts Thursday Schedule To Streamline Ocracoke Evacuation

Route To Shut Down When Weather Deteriorates

(MANNS HARBOR) – In order to ease backups at Ocracoke as residents and visitors evacuate the island in preparation for Tropical Storm Arthur, the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Ferry Division has adjusted its Hatteras Inlet schedule for Thursday, July 3 to accommodate more departures in the morning and early afternoon. It is likely that weather will force a closure of the route at some point in the mid-afternoon Thursday.

The schedule for Thursday, July 3 is as follows:

Departing Ocracoke: 5 a.m., 6:25, 7:25, 8:45, 9:45, 11:05, 12:05 p.m., 1:25, 2:25, 3:45, and 4:45.

Departing Hatteras: 5:15 a.m., 6:15, 7:35, 8:35, 9:55, 10:55, 12:15 p.m., 1:15, 2:35, 3:35.

In addition, four boats will be put into service as “shuttles”, making unscheduled runs between Ocracoke and Hatteras to alleviate backups.

“According to the current forecast, conditions will begin to deteriorate rapidly by mid-afternoon,” said Ferry Division Director Ed Goodwin. “We strongly encourage Ocracoke residents and visitors to take advantage of these morning departures and evacuate the island as early as possible.”

Priority loading status will be waived on departures from Ocracoke until the evacuation order has lifted. Ocracoke residents and visitors may also choose to evacuate via ferry to either Cedar Island or Swan Quarter. Tolls have been waived for motorists departing Ocracoke on those routes.



Avon Fourth of July Fireworks – Postponed Due to Approaching Storm

Avon POA

For more information, please contact:
Pat Weston, Vice President – Avon Property Owners’ Assn.
obxblondie@aol.com or 252 305 1705

For Immediate Release:

Cape Hatteras: July 4th Celebration Rescheduled in Avon

Due to the approaching tropical storm Arthur, the Avon Fireworks Committee, Avon Property Owners’ Association, Koru Village, Pyrotecnico, and DareCounty have made a joint decision to reschedule the July 4th fireworks show on the Avon Fishing Pier, tentatively to Monday, July 7th at 9:00 p.m.

This storm is expected to pass in close proximity of Cape Hatteras on Friday, July 4th with winds and rain that would prohibit the fireworks show from taking place.

Due to the weekend turnovers with visitors coming to the island, a decision was made to postpone the fireworks show to Monday, July 7th to ensure that all residents and guests have ample time to prepare a proper celebration of Independence Day, complete with fireworks display, as planned.

The Avon Fireworks Committee will reconvene on Friday, July 4th to confirm these plans after the storm has passed. Should adjustments be made to the tentative plans, there will be another press release on Friday afternoon.

The Fireworks Committee and Avon Property Owners’ Association would like to thank the National Park Service, Koru Village, Dare County, Pyrotecnico, and all of the event sponsors for their flexibility, cooperation and support.

For more information, please contact Pat Weston, Avon Fireworks Committee.


Travel Beauty Visits Hatteras Island

Travel Beauty Article

Claire McCormack from Travel Beauty, a company that specializes in travel size versions of luxury beauty and grooming products from all over the world, enjoyed a beautiful beach vacation in Sea Venture and profiled her experience on the Travel Beauty Blog.

The top reasons her extended family group (3 generations) chose Avon out of all of the Outer Banks?

Rustic Beauty –“Looking out from the deck of our house to the dunes and beach below, my kids were jazzed to spot lizards, bunnies and crabs scurrying among the brush and bright wildflowers.:”

Convenience – “On a more practical level, Avon had necessary conveniences right in “town” (hello, huge Food Lion supermarket!) that are downright lifesavers with 5 kids to keep fed and entertained”

You can read her first-hand account of the trip along with excellent tips and recommendations on the Travel Beauty Travel Diary: www.travelbeauty.com/blog/posts/travel-diary-outer-banks-nc/




Independance Day Fun on Hatteras Island

Avon Pier Fireworks

Because of the heavy wind and rain expected Thursday night and Friday morning, the 4th of July Fireworks show in Avon has been rescheduled for Monday, July 7 – stay tuned to the facebook event page for more details. The 4th of July activities in Hatteras Village have been canceled.

Surf or Sound Realty has proudly sponsored this year’s fireworks display on Hatteras Island at the Avon Pier just across from our Avon office. Join us for a spectacular professional fireworks show over the ocean.

On Monday, July 7 the Beach Klub will have a huge Independence Day celebration in conjunction with the rescheduled fireworks show. From 7-10pm on July 7, the Beach Klub will entertain guests with live music by The FreeBooters, drinks, a drumming circle, corn hole, hula hooping, and a fire performance. The Beach Klub has front row seats for the Avon Pier’s fireworks show. The event is $5 per person. Children 5 and under are free. There are no advance ticket sales. Fireworks start around 9:15 – see you there!



North Carolina Aquarium to Release 5 Sea Turtles in Frisco

Sea Turtle

Join us tomorrow (Friday, June 20) at 9am as the North Carolina Aquarium releases 5 juvenile green sea turtles back into the ocean in Frisco! These turtles were all cold-stunned this winter and are ready to be back in the ocean.

The North Carolina Aquarium is about to open a new 3,000 square foot STAR (Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation) Center as a space for volunteers and staff to care for sick and injured sea turtles. The most exciting part of the space is the fact that visitors are welcomed to get an up-close look at the care and rehabilitation in the viewing area which includes state-of-the-art cameras for detailed views of what’s going on. The center also includes a treatment room with a viewing window allowing visitors to watch more detailed procedures. The grand opening is Friday, June 27th and the public is encouraged to attend at noon that day for all the festivities!

If you’re on vacation, this sea turtle release is something you don’t want to miss! Click on this map for the specific location and driving directions:

Turtle Release Map


Grammy Award Winning Bruce Hornsby Comes to the Outer Banks

Coming to the Outer Banks for vacation next week? You don’t want to miss Grammy Award Winning Artist, Bruce Hornsby live at Roanoke Island Festival Park on Thursday, June 26 as part of the Brew Thru Summer Concert Series. Performing on the grand stage right in front of the Roanoke Sound with his band – the Noisemakers, they will be playing their signature sound of a combination of rock, jazz and bluegrass.

Joining him will be the always popular Pat McGee band, who’s National Singles “Runaway” and “Rebecca” made them a college favorite in the late 1990s. They are returning to Brew Thru Live after opening for Blues Traveler last year at the Inaugural concert event.

Also playing that evening are Matt Menefee and Ross Holmes of ChessBoxer who have been composing, imagining and shaping sounds of fiddle and banjo for over a decade. They’ve played with widely recognized musicians, Alison Krauss, Mumford and Sons and T-Bone Burnett.

It’s sure to be a night to remember! Buy your tickets here.

Bruce Hornsby in Concert