Beach Bonfires Offer Evening Fun on Hatteras Island

Beach bonfires are a fun way to enjoy the Cape Hatteras beach at night. Far from bright city lights, there is nothing quite like the crackling sound and campfire smell of a beach bonfire – with its warm glow illuminating the night sky. Be sure to stop by area convenience, grocery or tackle stores for conveniently bundled firewood and a shovel. Don’t forget to grab graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows for making warm gooey s’mores! Simply delicious and oh so fun! Sitting around a beach bonfire is a great way to end the day, sharing stories and spending time with family and friends.
Before heading to the beach with all of your supplies in tow, be sure to read, print, sign and date your Beach Fire Permit. These permits are required as of May 1, 2012.

Please review the rules set forth by the Cape Hatteras Seashore Recreational Area to ensure the safety of you, your family, and the surrounding natural environment.

National Park Service Rules for Beach Bonfires:
-Bonfires are allowed from 6am to 10pm (prohibited between 10pm and 6am).
-From May 1 to November 15, bonfires are allowed on the ocean beaches of Coquina Beach, Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras, and the Ocracoke Day Use area.
-From November 16 to April 30, bonfires are allowed throughout the park.
-The bonfire permit must be present and signed by the reponsible adult (18 years of age or older) in attendance.
-Fires are prohibited within resource protection closures or within 100 meters of any turtle nest closure.
-Bonfires are to be no greater than 3 feet in diameter and may only be ignited and maintained seaward of the ocean dune, below the high tide mark and at least 50 feet from any vegetation.
-The use of non-wood products or wood products containing non-wood items (e.g., metal, glass, plastic) for fire construction is prohibited.
-Fires cannot be left unattended and must be completely extinguished (cold to the touch) upon termination of use.
Please be sure to clear your area of all trash before leaving the beach and remember the to leave the Cape Hatteras National Seashore beaches in a clean and safe condition for the next visitor.

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