Hurricane Earl Rental Guest FAQs

Hello everyone, we thought it would be a good idea to take the most frequently asked questions from our Facebook page and answer them here. We hope this helps to answer some of your questions. We will be updating this page regularly throughout the evacuation.

Last updated 9/3/10 12:33pm

When will your office open?
Our offices will re-open at 8:30am on Saturday.

When can we come back on the island?
Dare County is lifting the Hatteras Island evacuation order at 7:00am Saturday morning. You may access the island at that point from either the north or the south.

On your phone message you say check in will be late. Does that mean we will be able to check in tomorrow?
Please don’t expect to check in before 5:00pm Saturday. Many homes will not be ready until later than that. It’s hard to tell at this point how much later that will be. It depends on the condition of the homes. But we will get them ready as quickly as possible so you can begin your vacation.

We heard that the evacuation was lifted.
Dare County has lifted the evacuation for the areas north of Oregon Inlet. Hyde County has lifted their evacuation of Ocracoke Island. Hatteras Island will be closed until 7:00am Saturday morning at which point all vehicles will have access from both north and south.

We heard that the road will be open today.
The road will not be open on Friday.

Can we be moved to a home not on Hatteras Island?
We only manage homes on Hatteras Island, but if your home sustains significant damage, we will call you and will do our best to find a place for you to stay.

Can we check in after the office closes?
Absolutely. If you arrive after we close for the night, your keys will be in the drop-box on the porch of your check-in office. Just please come into the office the following morning before noon to complete your check-in process.

Can we help clean-up after the storm?
While we appreciate your offers, it is not safe to allow visitors to assist with the clean-up. There are too many unknowns and your safety is too important.

Where can we get official documentation of the evacuation?
Check www.darenc.com for official announcements from Dare County.

What if we miss a day of our vacation due to the evacuation and impassable road?
If you have purchased travel insurance, you should call Travel Guard directly to start your claim. The number is 1-877-254-8842. If you require documentation, we will be able to send that to you once our offices reopen. You can also find official evacuation notices at www.darenc.com.

Can we purchase travel insurance now if we haven’t already?
The insurance company will not cover Hurricane Earl if you did not purchase coverage before it became a named storm.

If the leaseholder can’t make it to check-in, can someone else pick up the keys?
Yes. As long as the lease holder calls us and tells us who will pick up the keys, then comes to the office upon their arrival to complete the check-in process.

Are you able to offer a different house for check-in this weekend if our booked house is damaged or driveway/yard is underwater, etc?
We are nearly 100% booked this week. So there likely won’t be a house to move you to. The good news is that we have not heard many reports of significant damage. There has been water intrusion and we will need to extract water from many homes. The water on the roads and neighborhoods should recede in a day or two. Chances are things will be fine at your house. We’ll let you know otherwise.

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