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We have been listening to our guests and share the frustration that some are feeling after Hurricane Irene. Unfortunately, many guests have had to cancel their vacations or move elsewhere as a result of the storm and interruption of access via Highway 12. Fortunately, 75% of our guests who had reservations for the weeks of 8/27-9/18 purchased travel insurance and will be reimbursed for the costs of their rentals. The majority of our guests (69%) staying in the villages of Avon, Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras have confirmed ferry reservations and will be arriving this weekend for their vacations.

For those guests who chose not to purchase the travel insurance and have not been able to come for their week, we truly are sorry we cannot offer a refund or any other accommodation. Events like this are why we so strongly encourage our guests to accept travel insurance coverage. In fact, travel insurance is automatically included as part of the initial payment and guests are required to refuse coverage by opting out of the insurance.

We have been communicating with our leaseholders and homeowners since before the storm by sending emails with information as it has become available. We have also been communicating regularly via Facebook, posts on our blog site and website. We have responded to thousands of emails and have been answering hundreds of phone calls each day. Although the answers we have been giving are not necessarily popular, we have been there to address the questions nonetheless.

We are receiving many questions regarding the status of specific homes. This is work in progress and remains a fluid situation. Even if a home has incurred damage, most homeowners are arranging for the repairs to be made as soon as possible. It is our hope that our guests will be able to access their homes and enjoy their vacations as originally intended. We will inform guests prior to their scheduled arrival date and as soon as possible if their home will not be habitable. If necessary, we will be able to provide other options at that time.

All property management companies on Hatteras Island have been facing similar challenges in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, which because of the access issue has been particularly difficult to deal with. Throughout this event, we have been operating within the laws of the state of North Carolina and will continue doing so.

We do appreciate your business and we hope that you choose to vacation with us on Hatteras Island again in the future.

Your Friends at Surf or Sound Realty

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