New vacation home ratings provide unbiased guest feedback

Many vacationers find it is helpful to see what previous guests thought about a home they are considering for rent, and with our new rating system, online browsers can review unbiased feedback on nearly 400 vacation homes.

If you are curious to see what previous guests thought about the home you are interested in, look no further than the property details page of that home on our website. You will see a display of 1 to 5 starfish representing the overall rating for the home, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. If you click for ratings details, you can see the questions that were asked, such as individual ratings based on furnishings, bedding and electronics, along with how many people rated the home so far.

All of these ratings have been submitted by guests who stayed in the home either in 2008 or 2009. We display the most recent 15 reviews, but there is a minimum of 3 reviews required to display the ratings.

After your stay, you will be contacted and encouraged to fill out an online survey for your home which will be added to the home’s ratings. The ratings will be kept current with the most recent surveys. We hope you’ll find this new system a helpful and useful tool in finding the perfect vacation home for your family.

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