Offshore Charter Boats -Fishing the Gulfstream

An adventurous, fun-filled day of offshore charter fishing starts at 6am when the boat leaves the dock and heads out to the gulfstream. The morning sunrise leaves a warm glow over the water as the mate gets the boat and bait prepared for a successful day of fishing.

Rates for a full day of offshore fishing vary from $872 to $1575 or more. The cost to charter a boat depends on the size of the boat, how new it is, the amenities it provides, such as flat screen TVs, satellite radio, comfortable, modern furnishings and conveniences, etc. Many of the boats are kid friendly and welcome young anglers aboard for a fun day of fishing. Getting 6 friends and family members together for a fishing experience offshore is priceless. You are sure to enjoy the sights, sounds and unique experience catching colorful fish aboard a safe boat with a knowledgeable Captain and mate.

All charter boats are licensed to take up to 6 passengers and provide bait, tackle, ice and fuel. Pack a lunch but leave the bananas at home. These are considered bad luck when fishing! Here is a helpful list of what to bring along on your fishing trip:

  • Cooler with food & drinks for the day (bring plenty of water)
  • Extra pair of pants and a jacket or sweatshirt
  • Any needed medications (If you are prone to motion sickness, it is recommended to take Dramamine or Bonine – two tablets the night before the trip and one in the morning.)
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses (preferably polarized)
  • Cameras (film, digital & video are allowed)
  • 15-20% tip for the mate is customary. The mate works for tips.

Depending on the time of year, you are sure to catch Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna and Dolphin (commonly known as Mahi-Mahi). Take a look at the fishing chart to see what you can expect to catch during the different times of year.




Blue Marlin

May – September

March – November

White Marlin

June – September

May – November


April – November

April – November

Yellowfin Tuna

September – May

Year Round

Bluefin Tuna

January – March

October – April


May – September

April – October


April – September

Year Round

King Mackerel

October – April

Year Round

Spanish Mackerel

May – September

March – November

When you arrive back at the dock, between 4:00 and 5:00pm, be sure to tip the mate and take plenty of pictures of your day’s catch. Fish cleaning, vacuum packing and freezing are all an additional charge. After a long day of fishing – it’s time to head back to the vacation home and share your fish stories with everyone! You can bake, fry or grill the fish right at the cottage -or some local restaurants will cook and serve your day’s catch for the whole group! It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Interested in booking an offshore charter trip? Call the area marinas, browse the charter fleets online or contact the boat Captains to see which charter boat would be right for your group.

Hatteras Harbor Marina
58058 N.C. Highway 12
Phone: (252) 986-2166
Website: www.hatterasharbor.com
Hatteras Harbor Marina is a full-service marina booking offshore and inshore fishing trips year round with a 24-boat charter fleet. There is also a gift shop and the Harbor Delicatessen on site.

Teach’s Lair Marina
58646 N.C. Highway 12
Phone: (252)986-2460
Website: www.teachslair.com
Teach’s Lair is a full-service marina offering both inshore and offshore fishing charters year round as well as fish-cleaning services. There is also an onsite restaurant – Teach’s Island Bar and Grill, as well as a convenience store, gas station, ship’s store and tackle shop.

Hatteras Landing Marina
58848 Marina Way
Phone: (252)986-2077
Website: www.hatteraslanding.com/marina/fleet.htm
Hatteras Landing Marina is the southernmost marina on the island, next to the ferry docks and closest to the inlet, booking both inshore and offshore fishing charters year round. There is a well-stocked convenience store with snack and drink items on site.

Oden’s Dock
57878 N.C. Hwy 12
Phone: (252)986-2555
Website: www.breakwaterhatteras.com/DockMain.html
Oden’s Dock books inshore and offshore fishing charters year round. Oden’s sells gas and diesel fuel, and the Ship’s Store sells tackle, oil, food and drinks and gift items. Risky Business Seafood Market, Breakwater Restaurant and Parasailing and kayak tours are also on site.

Oregon Inlet Fishing Center

Phone: (800) 272-5199
Website: http://www.oregon-inlet.com/Located off of Hatteras Island, just north of the Bonner Bridge, The Oregon Inlet Fishing Center is a full service marina offering a comprehensive fishing experience for the “old salt” or the vacationing fisherman.

Not interested in a full day of fishing, or on a budget? Try half-day charters or makeup charters. Half day charters are roughly half the price of a full day and make up charter run around $210 to $250 per person and must be scheduled directly through the marina.

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