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Surf or Sound Realty Office

Surf or Sound Realty Office

Surf or Sound Realty Salvo Office covered in snow! It is not something one who lives on Hatteras Island can experience every year. We can now say: It snowed on Hatteras Island in 2009 and we have the proof to back it up. Photo taken by Joy Crist of Surf or Sound Realty.

Snowstorm photos from Hatteras Island

During and after the snowstorm of 2009, Surf or Sound Realty staff, friends and family members were out braving the cold and snapping gorgeous photos of the beach winter landscape.

Snowfall on Hatteras Island

Locals and visitors alike were treated to a tremendously rare event on Hatteras Island on January 20th, accumulating snow. Beginning at approximately 11:00 a.m., the snow flowed down in flurries, sticking to the cold ground and continued well into the evening. Most residents ventured outside and played in the snow all evening, and woke up […]

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