The Guest of the Future

As we round out the first decade of the 21st century, many rental guests are opting for vacation homes that are at the forefront of technology, and can fit into their modern, everyday needs. Looking to bring your rental home up to speed? There are a few simple ways to make your home more conducive to the tastes of the contemporary guest, without breaking the budget in the process.

Wireless High Speed Internet Access: You can turn your home into a wireless hot spot, allowing your guests to access the internet via their laptop from any part of the home, whether they’re lounging by the pool, or curled up in the great room. Even if you choose not to surf the internet while staying at the beach, quite often a member of one of your guests’ families will. It is an amenity that has quickly become expected in vacation rental homes.
Wall mounted TVs: A small flat screen TV, or other wall mounted TV, is not only a modern and convenient way to provide more shelf space in bedrooms and living areas, it’s also much safer. Wall mounted TVs will prevent children from accessing and playing with the television, preventing any ensuing harm, and will also alleviate any damage from bumping, scratching, or leaving glasses on top of the television. Just be sure you provide a remote control.
DVD Players: It’s universally known that VCRs are out, and DVD players are in. If you have a large video library, then it makes perfect sense not to throw that VCR away, but if you’re adding TVs in your bedrooms or game room this year, why not include an inexpensive DVD player too? This way, guests can watch movies, listen to music, and make use of the DVDs they may have brought with them from home.
Only have enough in the budget for one extra DVD player? Put it in the kids’ room. Guests can pop in a favorite cartoon or movie before the kids go to sleep, enabling the adults to enjoy a little private quiet time of their own.
HDTVs: High definition televisions are a great amenity, but before you invest the extra money, remember that basic cable is not high definition, and with basic cable alone your HDTV will not work properly. If you have a DVD player or satellite package that does offer high definition, then an HDTV could be a sound investment.
Surround Sound: Adding a few extra speakers can do a world of good. Guests love surround sound as it turns a family movie night into a real cinema experience. Add it to a great room, a den, or install a couple poolside or hot tub speakers so guests can plug in their own music and enjoy instant ambiance.
Media and Theater Rooms: If your budget is a little bigger and you have extra cushion to remodel, why not turn a standard den or bonus room into a media or theater room? Add amazingly comfy seats, a home theater system with surround sound, a couple of framed movie posters, and maybe a wet bar with a sink and microwave for popcorn, and you’ll have a fun new amenity that’s sure to attract potential guests.

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