To Do List…Labor Day Edition

1. Catch an amazing Hatteras Island sunrise or…sleep in.

2. Head to the beach with dear friends, family, and Fido.
3. Beachcomb for seashells and seaglass.
4. Play a game of horseshoes, cornhole, or frisbee.
5. Grill delicious burgers for lunch.
6. Read a good book.
7. Take photos and video of the day’s events (and post to Surf or Sound’s Facebook page).
8. Go fishing! Be sure to check out what everyone has been catching here.
9. Initiate a sandcastle building contest.
10. Watch the sunset with a delicious drink in hand!

Picture of the Week

Visit Hatteras Island and look for shells washed on the island’s shore! You will be surprised at what you find. Enjoy! Picture submitted on Facebook by Sean Shannon.

Picture of the Week

Beachcombers love patrolling the beaches after a couple days of heavy surf. This is the optimal time for shelling, as evident by this photo by Brittany Latham of Surf or Sound Realty.

Discovering Shipwrecks on the Outer Banks

While your family explores the beaches during your Hatteras Island vacation, you might stumble across unusual structures sticking out of the sand or peeking out of the Atlantic Ocean. Large, old slabs of wood or chunks of partially submerged metal aren’t just beach debris, but are ancient remnants of shipwrecks, sometimes up to centuries old, […]

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