Update from Surf or Sound Realty

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Good morning from Surf or Sound Realty!

We hope that you enjoyed your Fourth of July holiday. We hope to celebrate it after we welcome all of our visitors back onto the island. In the meantime we are working very hard to inspect and prepare homes for when the evacuation order is lifted.

We have begun to contact incoming guests using the leaseholder contact information regarding condition of homes. We have hundreds of inspection reports to sift through so it is not a quick process, so please be patient with us.

Here is the process:

  • We are emailing guests as we learn that the home is habitable and ready for check-in (once access is restored and the home has been cleaned.)
  • We are calling guests as we learn that the home is not habitable due to damage from the storm. If we cannot reach the leaseholder on the phone, we will follow up with an email.

If you are scheduled to arrive today, please do not begin your travels until you learn of the condition of your home and the county’s re-entry plans.

And keep in mind that we will still need to clean the homes as our cleaners have also been unable to return to the island. Expect check-in to be delayed a number of hours after access is restored.

We apologize immensely for the interruption in your valued vacation plans and hope to have you all enjoying your beach time very soon!