Use the Quick Quote Calculator to instantly see the total cost of your reservation

Surf or Sound Realty has launched a new calculator tool that will enable you to see the total cost of your reservation including all fees, taxes and options, before you start filling out online forms or making a call to book your reservation.The new calculator is easy. Just click to book the week of your choice, then click the Quick Quote Calculator button in Step One to open the calculator. There you can select or deselect options to see the affect they have on your taxes and total cost. You can do this as often as you like on as many homes as you like to make comparing total cost of homes easier.

You can also use this calculator to compare the cost of your Surf or Sound Realty vacation rental home choices to other companies’ homes and pricing, even if other companies have a more ambiguous pricing structure.

We hope you enjoy and use this new feature to your advantage, and we look forward to continuing to launch new programs, upgrades and website initiatives to make finding the perfect vacation rental home a breeze.

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