Where to watch the Big Game

<B>Sports Bar at Hatteras Belle</b>

Sports Bar at Hatteras Belle

Playoff season is just around the corner, and a concern for many diehard football aficionados is missing that big game while on vacation. But don’t cancel your vacation plans so you can stay home and root for your team just yet – there are plenty of spots on Hatteras Island where you can watch your team in action, and still enjoy your vacation when the game is over.

If you have fellow fans with you, or at least family members who can tolerate excessive yelling and cheering at the TV, then your rental home is a great spot to watch your team play.

Many Surf or Sound Realty homes have game rooms, media rooms, or great rooms with large flat screen TVs and surround sound, giving you a one-of-a-kind experience while watching the big game. If you haven’t selected a home yet, look for the home theater system, game room, or media room bullet when browsing for your rental home, and then all you have to do is make sure you have plenty of snacks and refreshments in stock when the game comes on.

Like to celebrate with kindred fans? No problem. There are a number of restaurants and lounges that stay open well into the off-season. Many of these establishments, like Oceana’s Bistro in Avon, or Lighthouse Sports bar in Buxton, have game day packages and big screen TVs, so you can watch your favorite game with your fellow fans.

Several establishments on Hatteras Island will be also be open on Thanksgiving as well, so you can go out and take advantage of the best part of the holiday, which of course, is watching the two big football games in the afternoon.

No matter where you celebrate, there is no shortage of places to enjoy some good finger foods, refreshments, and a good football game. Whether you’re raiding the wet bar refrigerator in your rental home, or ordering some oysters and crabcakes in your favorite restaurant, Hatteras Island is definitely football fan friendly.

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