Fan Photo Friday

Today we are celebrating ORV access to Cape Point, one of the most treasured locales on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore!

The designated ORV route is currently open from 7am to 9pm daily, starting 0.4 miles north of Ramp 43 to Ramp 44 and south to Cape Point.

Permits are required for ORV access on the beaches of Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Thank you to Rita Lucas for posting her photo to our Facebook page!


Picture of the Week

The DOG DAYS OF SUMMER are upon us! After spending a sultry summer day at the beach, she was in search of the perfect FALL 2012 home…
Thank you, Suzanne Ackerman, for sharing this adorable picture to our Facebook page!


Picture of the Week

Who doesn’t love a warm, sunny day at the beach with salt air blowing through your hair, sand between your toes, and the Atlantic Ocean to wash your worries away?
Thanks Marla J. Cechman for sharing this fun photo of your granddaughters to our Facebook page!


Picture of the Week

The dog days of summer…not quite yet! The weather has been beautiful here on Hatteras Island!
It certainly looks like Bodie is fully prepared to enjoy a day at the beach!
Cindy Mirra, thank you for sharing this photo of your awesome pup on our Facebook page!