17th Annual Hatteras Village Offshore Open

Photo courtesy of Hatteras Village Offshore Open

Photo courtesy of Hatteras Village Offshore Open

The 17th annual Hatteras Village Offshore Open kicked off Wednesday and wrapped up today with thirty-four boats on the open waters.

Forecasters were calling for cloudy skies and and a pretty good chance of the thunderstorms, but sunny skies and warm weather prevailed for the anglers.

Cash prizes and trophies were awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in different categories.

HVOO started in 1994 and has become a unique tournament enjoyed by local captains and fisherman, as well as visitors who all share a love for Hatteras waters.

Be part of some of these tournaments coming up:

Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament June 10-18

Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament June 19-25

Hatteras Grand Slam Billfish Tournament July 8-9


Refuge – Pea Island Premiers Tonight on UNC-TV at 10:00pm

The drama continues tonight on UNC-TV as REFUGE – Pea Island will be broadcast for the first time. Third in the REFUGE Series, STRS Productions has produced a film like no other on one of the most unique Refuges that lies along the coast of North Carolina, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, where wildlife abounds. A year in the making with nearly 100 hours of footage, using 16 cameras, covering all four seasons, and capturing some of the most rarest wildlife ever seen on the Outer Banks with it’s always changing environment, producers Blake and Emily Scott are joined by videographer Ron Marchand and brave some of the most brutal weather the coast has to offer. Using night vision cameras, the STRS Productions film team captures a Loggerhead Sea Turtle hatching that will leave you breathless.
From Nor’easters to hurricanes, hurricane Bill, the fifth largest cylone in history, to solid freeze overs and a rare snow storm, Refuge – Pea Island’s wildlife, which ranges from resident animals to migratory visitors, endure and sometimes loose the daily battle for survival on a peice of land that borders from being taken over by the mighty powerful Atlantic Ocean. Filmed in Hi Definition and narrated by award winner Denise Kelly and assited by script writer – executive producer Ernest Marshall and biologist Dennis Stewart and staff, STRS Productions is able to bring you Pea Island NWR from land, air, and sea thanks to Sydney and Hanah Britt. Working closely with Executive Producer for External Productions – Scott Davis, REFUGE – Pea Island has been edited especially for broadcast for UNC-TV. Can’t catch the broadcast tonight, have no fear as UNC-TV will continue to broadcast the show all next month on UNC-EX. Below is the scheduled dates and times. Join UNC-TV on one of these dates and you will never look at the coast of North Carolina the same.

Thursday April 14 at 10:00pm UNC-TV.
Friday April 15 at 4:00am UNC-MX
Monday May 16 at 9:00pm UNC-EX
Tuesdau May 17 at 10:00am UNC-EX
Wednesday 18 at 3:00am UNC-EX
Saturday May 21 at 9:00am UNC-EX

Community Information provided by the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce.


Record Breaking Bluefin Tuna Caught Off Hatteras Island Coast

Corey Shultz (bottom right) and friends with his catch. Photo via GrindTv.Com

Corey Shultz (bottom right) and friends with his catch. Photo via GrindTv.Com

You never know what type of fish you may catch in the beautiful blue waters along the Hatteras coastline. Maybe cobia; or perhaps a Spanish mackerel; or possibly one of the giant bluefin tuna that shows up this time of year where the Gulf Stream and Labrador Current meet off Hatteras Island. Maybe you will even catch a record breaking bluefin tuna. That’s exactly what Corey Schultz, of Waverly, Virginia did!

Shultz and some friends hopped aboard the Sea Breeze, a chartered fishing boat at Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, and set out on their journey. Little did they know it would turn into a history making adventure! It took two-and-a-half hours to reel in the monstrous bluefin and all eight men to pull the titanic fish aboard. They still had no idea just how magnificent their catch was until they weighed the fish at the dock. What justifies a North Carolina record breaker? 805½ pounds. Yes – you read that correctly! Huge! The previous NC bluefin tuna record was 744 pounds in 1995 – also caught off Oregon Inlet!

It just goes to show that you never know what kind of fun and adventure you are in for when you visit Hatteras Island! Maybe YOU will be the next record breaker when you plan your vacation with Surf or Sound Realty!

If you have any pictures of you or your family fishing on Hatteras Island we want to see them! Post them on our Facebook page and share them with the community!


14th Annual Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival

On November 9-14, 2010 visitors are invited to participate in the Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival on the Outer Banks. The annual six day event is hosted to celebrate natural wonders of the Eastern North Carolina and discover the beauties of the region’s environment.

For a modest cost participants can select from a variety of experience such as:
•Venturing into areas with combined bird lists of nearly 400 species.
•Learning from experts how to shoot photographs that capture the unique beauty of the region.
•Traveling to historic landmarks like the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and the Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station.
•Visiting North Pond on Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge on Hatteras Island, the hottest spot for fall birding in North Carolina – or even visit South Pond which is usually closed to visitors.
•Climbing the historic Currituck Beach Lighthouse and touring the Keepers House which is usually closed to the public.
•Taking a ferry to the pirate Blackbeard’s hang-out on Ocracoke Island to enjoy the quaint fishing village and check out the birds.
•Paddling the backwaters of the area or four-wheeling the area north of Corolla.
•Visiting the ancient maritime forest of Kitty Hawk Woods for a look at this rare ecosystem.
•Venturing into Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge at night in search of bear and other wildlife.
•Absorbing the waterways’ natural beauty during a sunrise or sunset kayak tour.
•Wading in search of Clapper Rails, marsh sparrows and wrens at Oregon Inlet.
•Visiting an art gallery to see how artists interpret the environment and wildlife.
•Exploring a Ghost Town on Portsmouth Island.
•Experiencing a Red Wolf Howling where the nearly extinct animal is now fighting its way back.

This is a great and unique experience for people of all ages and everyone is encouraged to explore this amazing area and tell stories about the experience for years to come!
For more information visit www.wingsoverwater.com or call 252-216-WING(9464).


Winter brings Harbor Seals to the Outer Banks

As the weather cools down and Hatteras Island beaches become deserted, a seasonal visitor begins to make an appearance along the Outer Banks coastline: harbor seals.

From January through March, seal sightings are not uncommon on any of the island’s beaches. Taking a break from the rough waves and tricky ocean conditions, the seals literally hurl themselves onto the beach for a little R&R before returning back into the ocean. Their stay on the sand can last anywhere from an hour to a few days, depending on how much rest they need. Continue reading


Wings over Water Wildlife Festival runs from Nov. 3-8

The 13th annual Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival, a celebration of wildlife and wild lands in Eastern North Carolina, will run from Tuesday, Nov. 3, until Sunday, Nov. 8. The six-day event celebrates the natural wonders of the Outer Banks and offers many opportunities to explore and discover the richness of the region’s environment. Continue reading


Outer Banks Scenic Byway Receives National Designation

The Outer Banks Scenic Byway received national status on Friday as one of America’s Byways®, placing NC Highway 12 on the map, so to speak, for its fascinating coastal heritage and unique natural landscapes, making the leg of the historic two-lane highway from Nags Head, NC to Down East a perfect autumn drive for exploring the beauty of the barrier islands and connecting with the coastal communities that set the destination apart. Continue reading


Jim Cantore and The Weather Channel are loving summer on Hatteras Island

The Weather Channel has been featuring multiple videos of Hatteras Island’s fun summer activities as part of their week long series “Why I Love Summer.”

Check out these amazing clips of Outer Banks horseback riding, kite boarding and hang gliding that were broadcasted nationally on The Weather Channel this week.