Collect and Recollect

This is the time of year that some of us start longing for the sunny, warm days of summer. The delightfully, hectic holidays are behind us and we’re left with plans for the new year. Many of us set goals or organize our thoughts in order to tackle A, B, or C on our lists. Making plans for the new year can be exciting, yet overwhelming depending on what you set your sights on in the months ahead.

In the midst of it all, we stumbled upon a fantastic way to compile a memento of past beach trips and the most fabulous thing about it is that you’re automatically whisked away to that little piece of paradise. Introducing…The Beach Sand Collection. Simply gather small amounts of sand from beaches you’ve visited in bottles, jars, or any other container that suits your fancy, label it, and display it. We believe that this collection will serve you well in the cooler months following your trip as you reminisce about your days spent by the shore. Hopefully this collection with conjure up feelings of relaxation and happiness…

Visit Completely Coastal for ideas and inspiration…Thanks to The Beach Sand Collection you can collect and recollect for years to come!