Hatteras Island’s Map of Treasures

A new project is in the works to find Hatters Island’s very own treasures and organizers hope it will help engage residents and visitors to identify the cultural, business and natural assets on Hatteras Island.
The Hatteras Island Asset Mapping project plans to build an inventory of all of the great things about the seven charming villages on Hatteras Island.
“We might be surprised by the wealth of assets that exist within our cultural and natural landscape,” says Susan West, a Buxton resident involved in the project.

According to the group, cultural assets might be a church, a place where children play, or a place with special significance, such as an old fish camp or where the mail boat docked. A natural asset might be a favorite place to watch sunsets, and a business asset might be a shop that sells locally-produced art or jewelry or locally caught seafood.

“Asset mapping is a fun process,” says West. “And, it helps people strategize about how to sustain and enhance community assets for future generations.”

The Hatteras Island Asset Mapping Project is just getting started. For more information about participating, contact Susan West at ridgeroad@earthlink.net.