Jackets for Jersey

A little over a month since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, Cape Hatteras Secondary School DECA students are joining together to raise money to go towards the purchasing of coats and jackets for students at a school in Pine Island, New Jersey. While many residents in the Northeast continue to suffer the devastating effects of Sandy, a 6th grade teacher in Pine Island is reaching out for help.

DECA students are seeking local support from businesses and individuals, while planning a few fundraisers to help raise money for the cause. Monetary donations can be mailed to: Cape Hatteras Secondary School, Attn: Evan Ferguson – DECA, P.O. Box 948, Buxton, NC 27920. Please be sure to write Jackets for Jersey in the memo. Businesses and individuals who make a donation will be mentioned on the Jackets for Jersey Facebook page, as well as the DECA publication for the state of North Carolina.

Local DECA students are planning to travel to New Jersey on January 17th to present the check to Pine Island students.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here at Surf or Sound Realty, we’d like to thank all of the dedicated men and women who work day and night to keep Hatteras Island accessible by ferry! We greatly appreciate the skillful efforts and sacrifices you are making to see that residents and visitors have the most pleasant ferry experience possible. THANK YOU!

Cheryl, our Vacation Specialist, delivering food to the ferry workers.

Cheryl, our Vacation Specialist, delivering food to ferry workers.

Ferry workers taking a well-deserved break to chat with Cheryl.

Ferry workers taking a well-deserved break to chat with Cheryl.


So Long Sandy!

If you’ve never been through a hurricane, the feeling is somewhat difficult to describe. There is a heightened sense of awareness. Obviously, Hatteras Island has experienced many devastating, dangerous storms but this storm was not “ours”. This storm delivered the biggest blow to the people of the Northeast; New Jersey, New York and numerous other communities along the northeastern shores. Our heart and sympathies go out to those affected by this storm.

Hatteras Island did not fully escape Sandy’s lashing. However, as storms go, you will hear many locals say, “This could have been a lot worse”. In the wake of Irene, the storm that hit our area just over a year ago, many homeowners and locals alike are grateful that it wasn’t.

The charity that our visitors bestow upon us year after year and storm after storm should not go without mention and cannot be more appreciated. It is such a comfort to know that when stranded out here on the sandbar, there are people on the other side trying with all their might to come to our aid, lend a hand and pitch in to get Hatteras Island back to its former beauty.

Hatteras Island and the Outer Banks community, even though still confronting the challenges of Sandy ourselves, has sprung into action and is sending aid to those friends in the Northeast, that have so many times sent aid to us. This is the very fabric of Hatteras showing her true colors. Gratitude, charity and hard work to shelter everyone from the wind and the rain of times like these. We will continue to offer help as long as it is needed.

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