The Hatteras Island Family Project Presentation

The Hatteras Island Genealogy Society and the Lost Colony Genealogy and DNA Research group will present details about the ongoing Lost Colony research on April 12 at the Avon Fire Station starting at 7pm. The presentation will report details on the Lost Colony DNA project and the Hatteras Island Family project.

According to the North Carolina Society of Historians, who awarded the Malcolm Fowler Society award to the Lost Colony Genealogy and DNA Research group, it is possible that the colony was assimilated into the local Indian population and if so, they produced descendants. A DNA study will be valuable in determining who these descendants are when DNA from colonial ancestors can be located. The presentation on April 12 will report on DNA research about Hatteras families. The genealogy data base will be available for easy access for attendees to check for family members.

Prior to the program a pot luck dinner from 6pm to 7pm will be offered and attendees are asked to bring a side dish or desert.

For more information about the Lost Colony Research Group visit http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~molcgdrg/.