Meet the "Real" Taffy

Have you ever heard of the wildly popular book, Taffy of Torpedo Junction? If not, you are missing a real Carolina treat!
This fictional novel recounts the daring antics of 13-year old Taffy Willis during World War II on Hatteras Island. You will be swept along on a thrilling adventure with Taffy as she experiences life on a small sandbar during wartime.

“Taffy” is based on the real-life, Carol Dillion, a Hatteras Island native.

Join Carol on August 22 or 29th at 2pm at the Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station in Rodanthe to learn more about her exhilarating adventures! Prepare to be enthralled by her tales of “Taffy.” You’ll find out how much of the novel was fiction and how much was actually fact!
Stop by Buxton Village Books to get your copy of the book today or order online, so that you’ll be able to throughly discuss the details with Carol on Wednesday! This is a great read for all ages!


Hatteras Island Donations accepted at Surf or Sound Realty

Hatteras Island is a strong community, but is still hurting in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Many Hatteras Island Food Pantry (run by the Buxton United Methodist Men) supplies that normally sustain the island through the winter have been depleted, going to families that lost everything from the storm.

We are grateful to have many guests and friends from all over that have expressed interest in helping out our community. Surf or Sound Realty’s Avon office is an official drop-off location for the Hatteras Island Food Pantry, as well as Irene’s Giving Tree.

When you walk into our office you will find three boxes. Two boxes are for collections for the Hatteras Island Food Pantry. One is for the Buxton United Methodist Men and the other is for Daisy Troop 4175 from Cape Hatteras Elementary School, also collecting for the Pantry.

Items accepted include: non-perishable food, pet food, toiletries, personal items and cleaning supplies. When making a non-perishable food donation, perhaps try to think in terms of a complete meal – such as a box of spaghetti, a jar of sauce, parmesan cheese, a can of vegetables and a can of fruit. All can be purchased at a dollar store totaling around $5.

Also, if you are vacationing and you have left-over non-perishable food, please do not throw it away. Bring it to our office and place it in our drop-off box. Your donations go a long way through the winter!

Monetary donations are also accepted for the HIFP and can be made by check to United Methodist Men and sent to Hatteras Island Food Pantry at P.O. Box 1591, Buxton, N.C. 27920. Your donation is tax deductible.

The third box in our Avon office is for Irene’s Giving Tree. A couple of students at Cape Hatteras Secondary School with huge hearts decided to start a community service project for families affected by Hurricane Irene. They are collecting Christmas decorations for families that lost theirs in the storm. Ornaments, tree skirts, lights, Christmas Trees, etc. can be placed in our drop-off box in our Avon office. If you would like to mail a donation, the shipping address is: Irene’s Giving Tree, 47468 Hwy 12, Buxton, NC 27920. Monetary donations can be made out to CHSS DECA and mailed to: Irene’s Giving Tree, PO Box 71, Buxton NC 27920.

The Really Really Free Market is also in need and still accepting donations for items. The following is the most recent list of needed/requested items for Hatteras Island residents:

Dish detergent and Laundry Detergent
Diapers and wipes, baby powder
Throw Rugs, Area Rugs (Carpet Remnants)
Non perishable food items, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner fixings and any kind of non-perishable (canned or dried) proteins, and children’s snacks
(Gently Used) furniture, especially beds – refrigerators, stoves **Any homeowners, especially part time property owners, who may be trading out furniture or appliances, please let us know so we can arrange for someone who needs them to use your “tradeouts”
3T Boys Clothing – jackets/sweatshirts, pants, socks
Cat Food/Kitty Littler
Plastic totes with lids
Halloween Candy and small toys for Trick Or Treat / Halloween Costumes
New pillows
Sweatshirts (especially ‘hoodies’)
Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Lights
Boys clothing, size 6 to 18
Basketball shorts, basketball shoes (kids 5-17 years old)
Tools (many tri-village and Avon residents used their tools to make a living, and lost them in the storm)
Bookcases or display racks (for Really Free Market to borrow and return)

Hatteras Island Family Medicine
Attn: Alex Hodges
50204 Water Association Road
Frisco, NC 27936

Surf or Sound Realty sends a huge THANK YOU to everyone for their care! Hatteras Island is a loved place and we are lucky to share it with you!


Surf or Sound Realty Teams Up With Cape Hatteras Wounded Warriors Vacation Project

It’s no wonder so many people choose Hatteras Island as their vacation destination of choice. The beautiful weather, the gorgeous beaches, and the laid back, easy going attitude all of the locals seem to share.

When a couple of locals decided they wanted to start the Cape Hatteras Wounded Warriors Vacation Project, it came as no surprise to us that they would want to share the island’s natural beauty with those that have been wounded while fighting for our country’s freedom.

Kevin McCabe of Buxton and John McGee of Frisco are sons of Marines and founders of the project. They are working with the Military Order of The Purple Heart and the Wounded Warriors-Battalion East, both out of Camp LeJeune, NC. WWBn-E focuses on caring for and helping wounded Marines and Sailors.

The Wounded Warriors Vacation Project relies on donations from the community to give the selected service men or women and their families a relaxing vacation on Hatteras Island with little or no out-of-pocket expenses. Gift cards and certificates have been donated to everything from restaurants and grocery stores, to gas, fishing trips, parks, lighthouse climbs, parasailing, horseback riding, and air tours.

One of Surf or Sound Realty’s homeowners graciously donated a week’s stay at their condo, making it possible for David Donchess and his wife, Kim, to enjoy a much needed vacation at the beach. David is a Marine, stationed at

David and Kim Donchess

David and Kim Donchess

Marine Corps Base Camp LeJeune , NC. He heard about the Wounded Warriors Vacation Project through his chain of command at Wounded Warrior Battalion-East and was chosen as a recipient for a vacation this week.

David was wounded in Afghanistan in 2010. He has traumatic brain injury, injuries to his knees and right hip, shrapnel to his back, amongst other injuries. David knew from age twelve, after September 11th, 2001, that he wanted to join the military. “I wanted to serve my country and felt the military was the best way I could contribute. I chose the Marine Corps specifically because my uncle Bill is a former Marine and I very much respect and admire him as a man,” said David.

David met his wife, Kim, online and the pair married this past January. They are both excited for their vacation on Hatteras Island and extremely humbled at the generosity the local community has shown them. They can’t wait to explore the island, do some fishing and learn about the local history. David added, “We are also looking forward to some much needed R&R and being able to spend uninterrupted time together.”

For more WW Vacation Project information, call John McGee at (252) 995-2924 or Kevin McCabe at (252) 995-4788. You can also email them at kmbythesea@charter.net.

A BBQ Dinner Fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors Vacation Project is taking place Thursday, August 25th from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Buxton Fire House. For more information on the event, check out our Facebook page.

Donations are always accepted to make more vacations for wounded vets like David possible. You can make donations by check or money order only to Military Order of the Purple Heart. Please write on the memo line: for WW-Hatteras Vacation Fund. Send checks to WW-Hatteras, P.O. Box 431, Frisco, NC 27936. Make gift certificates to Purple Heart Recipient.


Geography Gone Wild

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Geography gone wild: An overview of what makes Hatteras Island unique

North Carolina’s coast is home to a string of barrier islands composing the Outer Banks, with Hatteras Island smack in the center of this chain of long, sandy islands.

Barrier islands are not particularly unusual. Study a map of the East Coast, and you’ll find them everywhere from Maine to Florida, but locals and frequent visitors know that Hatteras Island is special, and the root of its unique character can be traced to its geography. Surrounded by water, Hatteras Island is literally 30 miles into the Atlantic Ocean, and this makes for a pretty wild place to vacation. Continue reading