Refuge – Pea Island Premiers Tonight on UNC-TV at 10:00pm

The drama continues tonight on UNC-TV as REFUGE – Pea Island will be broadcast for the first time. Third in the REFUGE Series, STRS Productions has produced a film like no other on one of the most unique Refuges that lies along the coast of North Carolina, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, where wildlife abounds. A year in the making with nearly 100 hours of footage, using 16 cameras, covering all four seasons, and capturing some of the most rarest wildlife ever seen on the Outer Banks with it’s always changing environment, producers Blake and Emily Scott are joined by videographer Ron Marchand and brave some of the most brutal weather the coast has to offer. Using night vision cameras, the STRS Productions film team captures a Loggerhead Sea Turtle hatching that will leave you breathless.
From Nor’easters to hurricanes, hurricane Bill, the fifth largest cylone in history, to solid freeze overs and a rare snow storm, Refuge – Pea Island’s wildlife, which ranges from resident animals to migratory visitors, endure and sometimes loose the daily battle for survival on a peice of land that borders from being taken over by the mighty powerful Atlantic Ocean. Filmed in Hi Definition and narrated by award winner Denise Kelly and assited by script writer – executive producer Ernest Marshall and biologist Dennis Stewart and staff, STRS Productions is able to bring you Pea Island NWR from land, air, and sea thanks to Sydney and Hanah Britt. Working closely with Executive Producer for External Productions – Scott Davis, REFUGE – Pea Island has been edited especially for broadcast for UNC-TV. Can’t catch the broadcast tonight, have no fear as UNC-TV will continue to broadcast the show all next month on UNC-EX. Below is the scheduled dates and times. Join UNC-TV on one of these dates and you will never look at the coast of North Carolina the same.

Thursday April 14 at 10:00pm UNC-TV.
Friday April 15 at 4:00am UNC-MX
Monday May 16 at 9:00pm UNC-EX
Tuesdau May 17 at 10:00am UNC-EX
Wednesday 18 at 3:00am UNC-EX
Saturday May 21 at 9:00am UNC-EX

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