On the road again…Surf or Sound's Curbside Check-out Service

It’s 10am, all of your belongings are packed away, your rental home has been tidied, the kids are tucked into their seats, and the dogs are securely situated for a long ride home. It’s time to hit the road! Oh, wait! You need to complete the check-out procedure for your rental home!

Luckily, Surf or Sound offers a fast and efficient curbside check-out service, starting at 8:30am on Saturday and Sunday. If you are checking-out with our Salvo office, simply pull onto Rampart Street and one of our Vacation Specialists will be there waiting to gather the keys to your rental home and the guest survey. If you are checking-out with our Avon office, pull through the front parking lot and a Vacation Speciailist will be there to assist you with your rental home keys and guest survey as well. At this time, donations will also be accepted for The Hatteras Island Food Pantry.

Our Vacation Specialists are eager to make your check-out as smooth and hassle-free as possible! See you Saturday or Sunday morning from 8:30 to 10:30 for complimentary curbside service!